Friday, August 5, 2011

Two simple Armenian recipes.

So far the Armenian food has been good. It can be very greasy and oily, but my mom does a good job of cutting down on the salt at least. The oil, not so much.

Most Armenians eat seasonally which means there is a lot of fresh produce during the summer and early fall months and none during the winter months. I’m trying to eat my fill now, but I know I will miss the fruit A LOT come December. And to think, last December I was eating exotic fruits every day in Hawaii. This year, I’ll be eating cabbage. Good thing I can make a good sauerkraut.

I’ll be posting more about food, as it is one of my favorite topics, but for now, I just wanted to share two simple recipes I have seen prepared a lot in my time here.

Walnut Eggplant Rolls

Slice eggplant into long thin slices.

Fry in oil or butter until cooked and soft.

Set aside

Mix together: chopped walnuts, garlic, salt, pepper, minced cilantro or dill and one of the following: sour cream, plain yogurt, or mayonnaise.

Spread mixture on cooked eggplant slices and roll.

Eat warm or cold.


Take plain yogurt and thin with water. Add diced cucumber, onion, and cilantro or dill. Salt if you wish.

Drink cold.

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