Monday, August 13, 2012

16 days of pure bliss (I mean it) in Spain

Sun. Greek yogurt. Cheese. Grocery stores. Tapas. Efficient public transportation. Camping. Mumford and Sons. Ben Howard. Radiohead. Sangria. Beaches. Sunsets. Hiking. More beaches. City Parks. Spanish.

Blog post: done.

Say all of those words with a huge smile on your face and that was my vacation! I'll give you a few details though...

The joy of taking a vacation during Peace Corps Service. Even though you have almost no money, you are satisfied and even overjoyed with buying Greek yogurt and real cheese at a grocery store and eating this for two meals every day.

While my favorite city was San Sebastian, we spent some time on the Costa Brava and all we did was lay on the beach, swim in the almost crystal Mediterranean water, and hike to the next beach when we got bored. The coastline was rocky and rugged which made for tiny, secluded beaches and great sunbathing rocks from which you could just jump into the sea. One day we we hiked to a small beach where we found a family run restaurant. We promptly ordered fresh calamari and two coca-colas, the signature drink of PCVs world-wide I think.

Other highlights include: Seeing the Sangrada Familia and other Guadi architecture in Barcelona, reading in the parque del reiro in Madrid, eating tapas in San Sebastian, and seeing Mumford and Sons in Bilbao.

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