Monday, August 13, 2012


I've always loved to cook. Since mom let us make velveeta nachos and johnny cake for dinner and later as many batches of cookies as we wanted, I've loved it. Now that I'm living in Armenia where convenient fast food isn't even available and processed, pre-prepared food doesn't exist, I am cooking more than ever. Also, cooking is a perfectly valid form of entertainment in Armenia. You can spend an entire afternoon cooking, in my case sometimes an entire day. Best of all, cooking here is constantly challenging. I don't have access to many ingredients and many ingredients here just aren't the same as they are stateside. For example, the powdered sugar here just isn't as "powdered" as back home. The curry powder isn't as "curried" and to have brown sugar, I have to make it using molasses. Also, my stove top and oven are constantly surprising me with what temperature they are. One minute my oven is 450 F, the next it is 275.

I'm starting a new blog with recipes that I've made, some of the recipes are favorites from back home with a few changes here and there. Others are Armenian. Others are recipes I have found and changed to fit the ingredients I have here. Try some of them out, waste a whole afternoon cooking, and enjoy the delicious food.

Check out what I've been cooking here:

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  1. Sounds very similar to my situation! I see you've also took on the venture of making bagels! Yay :) I like that one can spend the whole day cooking and it's so fun :)